The Lost Proverbs

Love cannot see the filth that covers a man, but hate sees the tiniest speck on his garment.

-A burden often looks light, when it’s on someone else’s shoulders.

-If wisdom fell as rain, a fool would cover his head.

-A wise man considers all the stars that God has stretched forth in heaven, but a fool only sees the dust beneath his feet.

-As a dove can find no rest for her foot over a dark and troubled sea, so also a mother whose child has strayed.

-It is easy to see the missteps of others when you stand at a distance.

Tears of repentance are bitter, but they cleanse the soul.

Knowledge has no profit unless it is used.

-The gift of God is life, and the gift of life is God.

-It is easier to call back an arrow than an angry word spoken in haste.

-A broken promise cuts deeper than a knife.

Tears of joy will drown out the tears of sorrow.

-A child knows all things until trouble comes upon him.

-“Forgive and forget” is usually said by the one who did the wrong.

-Even the weakest member of the wolf pack is brave when they attack the helpless.

-The earth is but a grain of sand upon the beach where God walks.

-On Judgment Day, your lawyer can’t get you off; he’ll have his own case.

-A warm embrace from an enemy is better than a kiss from friend.

-Even a tender heart can become calloused if it is hurt too often.


by Ken Barnes

  Lord, as I travel life’s highway, through mountains and the hills, through valleys and the plains, I know You’ll be with me still.


Life can be so hard with all the troubles that come our way, but I know You are always beside me each and every day.


For there’s no place I can go, there’s no place I can be, that You will not know where I am and still be with me.

As I walk, as I dream, or as I stumble and fall, You’ll be there to help me, all I have to do is call

Even when my life is over and I’ve went the last mile and died, You will not leave or forsake me, for You will always be by my side.


by Ken Barnes

Long ago I read the Bible and I studied real hard, I remember the Lord said to be ready, for you know not the hour.

But I forgot all about my Savior and left Him behind, and I didn’t pay attention to the signs of the times.

Then one day I saw Him, my Savior in the sky! My heart then melted in my stomach and I began to cry.

Oh the trumpet had just sounded, and I cannot go, I’m just not ready, Oh please Lord no

Please wait, just one more minute, so I can pray, just one more minute, oh please not today!

This was a dream, but it shall come true, if you forget the Lord, it will happen to you.

So don’t forget your Savior and leave Him behind, and please pay atttetion to the signs of the times.

For someday you’ll see Yeshua (Jesus) coming in the sky, then it will be too late to pray and to cry.


by Ken Barnes

If we could go back in time, what changes would we make? If we could relive our lives what different roads would we take?

Would we say we’re sorry to those we did wrong? Would we embrace and hold tight our loved ones who have been gone for so long?

Would we undo some of the things that we once did? Would we change some of the words that we once said?

Would we appreciate those who are in our lives? Or would we wait again until they are gone and die?

Would we hold our children once again on our knee? Would we say to Mom and Dad how much you mean to me?

For some day now will be the past where you wish you could go, to relive today and there to show,

Your love for those that mean so much to you, for you can’t go back in time, no matter how much you want to.


by Ken Barnes

If God gave me all the stars in heaven as a trade for you, if He gave me the sun, the moon, and the earth, it still would not do.

If He gave me all the silver and gold that have ever been found, or the songs of all the birds; your voice has a sweeter sound.

And if I could number every grain of sand that is in the sea, then maybe I could begin to count all you mean to me.

For if I knew every star that God has hung in the sky, then just maybe I could begin to tell you why:

Why I love you the way that I do, and what you’re worth, for I cannot count the price of you.