Tim Tebow Bows To Pressure

tim-tebow-oneI was saddened today when I heard that Tim Tebow had bowed to the pressure of political correctness and cultural decay in canceling his speaking engagement at First Baptist Dallas.

It grieves me so deeply when young Christians, flush with fame and fortune and standing in the limelight, buckle to this kind of pressure. The list is a mile long and sadly Tim Tebow is not the first and certainly won’t be the last.

What did he ever have that Christ didn’t give him? What does he expect to gain by withdrawing? Did non-Christians ever love him? Will he play football any better by playing the Politically Correct Card? He may have maintained his marketability, but he also (intentionally or not) sent a message that he agreed with the media about FBC Dallas. This is being perceived by the secular media as a “Wise PR” move. I’m sorry but there is a thin line between “protecting your platform” and “affirming falsehood.”

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