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Our Purpose

The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The

Truth, So Help Us God

My entire being strongly resonates with the story of the blind man who lived in the deep darkness that sightlessness alone can bring. However, he related to a friend that he could easily sense when a candle was brought into his room. “How?” he was asked. He answered, “By the instant refreshment that I sense coming over my spirit.” So it is even more with the coming of truth to men’s hearts and minds!

We are living today in a culture of the rampant lies and falsehoods of secular and religious humanism. Our world has become totally man-centered world, and therefore it is no longer God-centered in truth. If you will, it is anthropocentric and not theocentric. Even the modern church has fallen into its own form of humanism – religious humanism wherein God exists for man and not man for God. When man becomes the central focus, all truth becomes blurred, distorted, and falsified, for God alone is truth. (John 14:6)

What is the cause of all of the doctrinal heresy and moral relativism today but the disappearance of the truth of God’s Word on a massive scale in modern society! Truth is being destroyed by government, by the justice system, by education, and yes, by churches. All of the foundations of truth are crumbling, and man has no firm foundation left on which to stand.

Isaiah put it this way in Isaiah 59:14-15,

“For truth has stumbled in the street…yes truth is lacking.”

In between those two statements Isaiah says, “And uprightness cannot enter.” In the United States of America with its erosion of truth, blinded and confused humanity wanders in every immoral direction and wavers in every spiritual conviction. When truth stumbles in the street no one can any longer stand spiritually or morally upright! This is what is happening in the 21st century, and there has never been a moment like this in our lifetime. Truth is vanishing, and people are becoming more and more apprehensive and confused in the deep darkness which untruth brings. It is a most desperate situation.

The universal cry for help has been clearly and loudly heard! It is the most critical hour of history, and urgent help has arrived for you and your children none to soon.

Welcome To


Thy Word Is Truth – John 17:17

We want so strongly to give folks “Whole Truth Help” in every area of their thinking and living, as we open up the truth of God’s Word in a society that has been plunged into the darkness of untruth. We do not have to go looking for untruth and lies these days. The fact of the matter is that they are looking for us. Nothing is as killing as ignorance in an ocean of lies which are swimming around us like sharks in a feeding frenzy ripping away at our minds. People by the billions today are believing absurdities as absolutes.

We open our hearts of love to you and fold our hands of prayer for you, asking God each day to shine the light of His truth upon you, so that you may be convicted of the truth. We shall deal with cutting edge theological and moral issues head on, as well as relevant teachings that we pray will give inspiration and liberation. As Jesus states in John 8:32,

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall

make you free.”

We have been so richly blessed over the years of our pastorates and evangelical crusades at home and abroad. The churches which we were privileged to pastor remain forever dear to our hearts. We pray for you all! We also pray constantly for all of the pastors and congregations who so graciously hosted us in our evangelistic ministry. We always received from you much more than we ever gave, and your friendship over the years has made the love of God that much more real to us to this very day. We also thank God for all of the relationships that we have here in Michigan where we are living our retirement and hopefully still productive years.

As our way of saying thanks, we want to pour ourselves out as a thank offering to God and to you through this website. All of the materials and insights are here for the strengthening of your faith. Whole Truth Help is not a quickie fast food restaurant. In Whole Truth Help you will find some hor d’oeuvres served by way of stories, illustrations anecdotes. But primarily this is a seven-course-meal ministry with seven layer dinners served throughout. This is way better than fast food – it’s Whole Truth Help!

Feel free to use any or all of the materials in your preaching, writing, teaching etc. There are no copyright restrictions! That is the main purpose of Whole Truth Help – a ministry resource for all of our pastor, missionary, evangelist, and parishioner friends who are out there carrying the banner of truth around the world in the name of Jesus! All of our unchurched friends are warmly invited to partake of Whole Truth Help as well. Freely we have received from all of you, so freely we give back to you. God bless you and use you for His glory.