The Anatomy of Suicide

suicide-preventionEvery year thousands upon thousands of YOUNG AND OLD choose TO TAKE, SNUFF OUT, THEIR OWN LIFE.

From what we are able to tell there are approximately 28-30,000 suicides in the United States per year! On an average American day, about 80 plus people kill themselves in the United States! That includes all ages, those under 16, and those above 65, and all the way in between!

In the little Scandinavian Country of Sweden for example, where there is a population of about 9,000,000 folks, and, where there is estimated to be about 100,000 Pentecostals:

  • There is approximately ONE CHILD Suicide attempt each day reported!
  • There is at least ONE CHILD Suicide Success each week in Sweden!
  • Amidst the astronomical Divorce & Broken Home Ratio!! (1 out of 1.81 marriages)
  • Amidst the Pregnancies of girls under 14, up 90% in recent years!
  • Amidst this and more, which is all tied together in an aggravated cause and effect way.

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