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Top Ten Modern Lies

Truth has a tremendously comforting and stabilizing effect upon our minds that nothing else does. God made us that way. Even as the human eye and light were created for each other, so the human mind and truth were designed for each other. That is why all people need the Lord Jesus, Who said about Himself in John 14:6, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life….” By the same token, nothing is so discomforting and destabilizing to the human mind as untruth which is at the bottom line life without Jesus. Satan the deceiver from the very beginning of human history has had his insidious ways of sneaking doubts and untruth into men’s minds. In modern times, Satan the liar is not only having a heyday in the world, but he is having a ball in the mind of the modern church, causing doubt, confusion, and downright disbelief of fundamental truths. The result is chaos in society and in the church. The following are what I am calling the “Top Ten Modern Lies.” God has the antidote of truth for every one of them.