Is God With America?

is-god-with-americaOur book – Is God With America? – will be of great Whole Truth Help to you as well. America, the nation birthed by Christian Pilgrims, has been ravaged by pagan ideologies and philosophies.

 America must welcome back the God of her fathers into her personal, political, educational and ecclesiastical life.

To do that she must wage spiritual and moral warfare against her true enemies. They include the anti-Christian forces of the ACLU, liberal politicians, godless judges and the false religion of modern America called Secular Humanism. All of these are daily trying to remove God and every vestige of Christianity from the very fabric of America’s historic construct as one nation under God.

America’s greatest danger is not the alienation of other nations, but the alienating of God. Is God With America? There cannot be a positive answer to that question unless we can resoundingly once again say yes to the question, “Is America With God?”

America must turn back to God before He totally turns His back on her. If God is against her, it doesn’t really make any difference who is for her! Is God With America? unfolds the truths which reveal how this nation can once more have the awesome invincible power and assurance of the promise:

…If God Is For Us, Who Is Against Us? – Romans 8:31

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