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Bob Klingenberg

Bob Klingenberg is a retired Assemblies of God pastor who writes from Michigan.

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  1. Gary Hughes
    January 16, 2019 @ 7:17 pm

    “When man becomes the central focus, all truth becomes blurred, distorted, and falsified, for God alone is truth.”

    The central focus of this article is a man, the one who was lost.

    The one who came to save him is relegated to the background, impotent. The washing of the heel lifted up against him remains out of sight, irrelevant . . . what God has cleansed remains unclean.

    Satan acts to fulfill, not oppose, those things of God which Jesus said should happen at Jerusalem.

    And the retarded ability of Peter to deny himself is regarded as a rise to the defense of Jesus.

    Indeed, the truth has been blurred, distorted, and falsified.


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