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Bob Klingenberg

Bob Klingenberg is a retired Assemblies of God pastor who writes from Michigan.

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  1. John David James Lane
    April 19, 2018 @ 11:11 am

    Came cross your web page , and its very good to the point , I am Pentecostal . I was saved in 1982 Aug. 29 Baptize in water 28 days later . And then baptize in the Holy Spirit about 3 weeks later in my home at age 31 . I had no church back ground at all . and at 17 years of age stood on prison gallows . That is a little longer story but not the reason for this email . I and my Wife Joyce moved to a small town in Ontario Canada call Norwich about 2 years ago .We have no doubt this is where the Lord wants us . So my question is dealing with Hyper Calvinism , which is the main religion in this little town, it has a church of over two thousand people . Their is more to this that i do hope to share with you later . I looked at your back ground and do believe you could be of help as God leads us . I would ask for Prayer as the most important part of are working for God here . I am working with a young Baptist Pastor who is ok with Pentecostalism . I became a Licensed Minister at age 52 with O.B.F.F. But stayed mainly in Pentecostal Assemblies. I do believe this web page would help a lot . Along with some thoughts from you . God bless you brother .


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